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      Promotion Coffee Tea cup set Double Wall Metal Coffee Mug set Stainless Steel 18/8 Cup With dish

      Product Numbers: V-CFMS

      Product description: Stainless steel double layer coffee mug volume: 200ml Size:outer dia 8cm; height 5.5cm high quality mirror polishing

      Stainless steel double wall coffee mug set
      1. volume: 200ml, 280ml
      2. Size:outer dia 8cm; height: 5.5cm, 7.5cm

      3. Without or with handle 

      4. Thickness: 1.0mm

      5. Material: S/S 201, S/S 304

      6. high quality mirror polishing

      7. Packing: Opp bag, color box, white box to choose


      2 designs to choose : A and B



      double wall coffee mug 200ml

      stainless steel coffee mug set

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